WingCommander window. Here, one teammate is orbiting in flight, while the other and the craft currently in focus have just been ordered to take off.

The WingCommander module lets you send commands the AI pilot of vessels on the same team as the one you currently have in focus.

It can be accessed via the modules tab in the Weapon Manager.

Wingman List Edit

The area at the top is a list of all loaded vessels that have AI Pilot modules and Weapon Managers on the same team as the active vessel. You can select/deselect vessels for sending commands to by clicking on them in the list. You can also select all of them with the Select All button.

The Command Self toggle lets you send commands to your own vessel, if it is equipped with an AI Pilot module as well, with the exception of the follow command (you cannot follow yourself).

Commands Edit

Once you have selected AI Pilots from the wingman list, you can start sending commands to them.

Follow Edit

This commands the wingmen to follow your plane in a V formation. The wingmen will still follow their own configured altitude and speed limits, and will prioritize gaining altitude over following the leader if they are below their minimum altitude.

The formation can be adjusted in the Formation Settings section (see below.)

Fly To Pos Edit

The fly-to-position command tells the selected wingmen to fly to and orbit a certain position. To set the position, click on Fly To Pos then click on a point on the ground you want them to orbit over. If they detect an enemy, they will be released from this command and return to the normal behavior (usually engaging the enemy). They will fly to this position at their configured "idle speed" (subject to change).

Attack Pos Edit

The attack-position command is the same as fly-to-position, except the wingmen will fly at their maximum speed until they reach the target orbit (subject to change).

Action Group Edit

The action group button will bring up a list of action groups. Clicking on an action group from this list will command the selected wingmen to use that action group.

Take Off Edit

This will command the selected wingmen to take off if they are landed. This command works whether or not the wingman's AI Pilot module is in standby mode or disabled.

Release Edit

This will release the selected wingmen from command, allowing them to return to their normal AI Pilot behavior - whether it be idly orbiting or engaging enemies.

Formation Settings Edit

Formation settings allows you to adjust the positions of wingmen using the Follow command.

Spread Edit

This is the distance in meters of spacing on the left-right axis the wingmen will try to maintain.

Lag Edit

This is the distance in meters of spacing on the forward-backward axis the wingmen will try to maintain.