The Weapon Manager is the most important part in this mod. One should be placed on a craft in order to take advantage of all of BDArmory's features.

It handles the vessel's team assignment, selection and firing of weapons, configuration of guard mode, and management of auxiliary modules.

In-flight UI Edit


To use the weapon manager in flight, open the window by clicking on the BDArmory button on the toolbar at the top right. When you first open it, you will see five main buttons: trigger arming, team, weapons, guard menu, and modules.

The trigger button is used to arm or disarm the main fire key.

The team button is used to toggle the team assignment between team A or B.

The weapons, guard menu, and modules buttons are used to show or hide their respective panels in the weapon manager window.

The window can also be minimized via the button on the top left.

The gear button at the top right opens the BDArmory Settings window.

Trigger Edit

Arming the trigger allows you to fire weapons with the main fire key. By default, this key is the left mouse button. For missiles, bombs, and rockets, you must hold down the trigger until the weapon is deployed. This key, and the hold-time can be re-assigned in the settings window.

Team Edit

Setting your team lets the AI know who to shoot at. It also gives you access to a particular team's target databases, and radar data.

Weapons Edit

The weapons list displays all available weapons attached to your craft. To select a weapon, either click on the weapon on the list, or cycle through them using action groups.

Guided missiles will have a label on the right hand side showing what type of target acquisition method it uses.

Ripple Edit


If a missile, bomb, or rocket is selected, a panel containing the option to use ripple fire will appear. Ripple firing means rapidly firing missiles in succession. If you enable ripple fire, you can set the desired RPM (rounds per minute), then fire the selected weapon rapidly by holding down the trigger (main fire key).

Guard Menu Edit

The guard menu is where you configure and enable/disable Guard Mode.

Modules Edit

The modules section is where you can enable/disable auxiliary modules.

The weapon manager has a few built-in modules: Radar Warning Receiver (RWR), GPS Coordinator, and Wing Command.

Other modules that show up in this tab include targeting pods, radars, etc.

Settings Edit

The button with the gear icon on the top right of the window opens the BDArmory Settings window. The settings window can also be accessed by pressing Alt+B.