The USAF Airborne Laser is a high powered laser turret made for setting things on fire. It takes 350 units of energy per second to maintain the continuous laser beam.

When in use, the laser generates a tremendous amount of internal heat. Firing for more than roughly 4 seconds at a time will cause it to overheat, before cooling down for a few seconds.

How to use Edit

The USAF Airborne Laser is primarily a defensive unit. It is best for shooting down missiles and bombs in flight. The USAF is often mistaken as an offensive/assault weapon. The damage output is fairly low and decreases with range. It also requires a reasonable battery bank (which may be heavy) for common use. The USAF is best for large aircraft and ground units that need absolute protection from few enemy targets/projectiles. However, defensive turrets may be a better option in both cases as ammunition is lighter and turrets do not overheat as quickly. See CWIS Goalkeeper for common ground unit defense.

Bahamuto Dynamics in Real Life Edit

Only one model of this laser was created for use against missiles. Tested by the USAF multiple times, it was found to be too costly and scrapped in 2012.