BDArmory comes with two cruise missiles by default – the AGM-86C, and RBS-15. Both use GPS to find their targets, but only the RBS-15 is booster assisted, meaning it can be launched from a stationary or slow-moving vessel.

To set a target for a cruise missile, you need both the Weapon Manager and a targeting pod, such as the FLIR Targeting Ball or the AN/AAQ-28. The target position must be marked using the targeting pod controls.

First, aim the camera onto a stationary target, and use the targeting panel button to Lock onto the position. Then, press the button marked Send GPS. This will store the target position in the GPS Coordinator database, where you can also give it a new name.

Next, open the GPS Coordinator and select the coordinates you just marked. When the target is active (marked with orange), you can launch a cruise missile.

Note that the missile can be launched from a different vehicle than the one which set the targeting coordinate. For example, a submarine carrying cruise missiles can fire them at a target marked by a scout plane on the same team.

Note that you can only see a target if it was placed down by a person of the same team as you. This works in Dark-Multiplayer.