A targeting pod (TGP) is used to find and acquire grounded targets for turrets and laser or GPS guided missiles. If one is attached to your craft, it can be activated via the right-click menu, or on the Modules tab in the Weapon Manager. The window can be resized by dragging the tab on the bottom right corner.

Parts Edit

Controls Edit

The bottom panel of the TGP window contains all of the controls. These controls can also be bound to keys or joystick buttons in the Input Settings window.

Tilt/Pan Edit

The arrows on the left are used to tilt and pan (slew) the camera/reticle.

Zoom Edit

The camera can be zoomed in or out. The levels of magnification depend on type of TGP.

Lock Edit

If the camera is pointed at a suitable surface, it can be locked. The camera will be ground stabilized and the laser ranger/designator will be activated, which will allow laser guided missiles to lock on. The camera can still be slewed when it is ground stabilized.

Send GPS Edit

If the TGP is locked, the GPS coordinates can be sent to the GPS Coordinator to be used by GPS guided weapons.

CoM Track Edit

If CoM Track is enabled and the TGP is pointed at a vessel and ground stabilized, it will automatically lock onto that vessel's center of mass. This will also allow it to track moving vehicles to a certain extent.

Turrets Edit

Any active turret (gun, missile, rocket) will aim at what the TGP is pointing at.

Reset Edit

The TGP will be reset to default - it will unlock, zoom all the way out, and return to point forward.

Radar Edit

With radar mode enabled, the TGP will point to the active radar target, if one is available.

To GPS Edit

If a GPS target is selected in the GPS Coordinator, the TGP will point to and lock on that location.

NV Edit

With NV (night vision) mode enabled, vessels will be brightly illuminated.

OFF Edit

Disable the targeting pod.

Display Edit

Targeting Reticle Edit

The crosshairs in the center of the display show where the targeting laser will be pointing. A hollow square will appear if the TGP is ground stabilized.


This indicates whether the TGP is maintaining successful laser ranging/designation on the target surface. (Technically, if the raycast is hitting a collider).

Range Edit

Range to the target in meters.

Coordinates Edit

The GPS coordinates of the target.

Attitude Edit

The indicator on the bottom left shows your vessel's pitch and roll relative to the horizon.

Target Direction Edit

The arrow on the bottom left shows the direction the TGP is pointing relative to your vessel in a top-down view.

Using Multiple TGPs Edit

Multiple targeting pods can be activated at once on a vessel, but only the last selected one is displayed in the window.