The settings window, which can be accessed via the Weapon Manager, or by pressing Alt-B contains a few options that can affect game-play or are just for debugging purposes.

Toggles Edit

  • Instakill - (Default OFF) Every bullet has a 100% chance of destroying the part it hits, and every explosion instantly destroys every part within its blast radius.
  • Infinite Ammo - (Default OFF) No ammo boxes required.
  • Bullet Hits - (Default ON) Particle effects when bullets hit surfaces.
  • Eject Shells - (Default ON) Guns will eject empty shell models when fired
  • Aim Assist - (Default ON) Gun reticles will be adjusted to the CCIP (constantly calculated impact point)
  • Draw Aimers - (Default ON) Active guns will display aiming reticles.
  • Debug Lines - (Default OFF) Displays lines for debugging
  • Debug Labels - (Default OFF) Displays information for debugging (highly recommended to turn this on before reproducing an error situation and submitting a ksp.log to the BDAc team!)
  • Remote Firing - (Default OFF) The fire key will fire guns on all vessels, not just the one in focus
  • Clearance Check - (Default ON) The weapon manager will stop missiles/bombs from firing if something is blocking the way
  • Legacy Targeting - (Default OFF) The old method of locking targets by double clicking on them (UNSUPPORTED)
  • Shell Collisions - (Default ON) Ejected shells will bounce off surfaces
  • Peace Mode - (Default OFF) Guards will not attack enemies.

Sliders Edit

  • Trigger Hold - The amount of time in seconds the fire key must be held down before firing missiles, bombs or rockets.
  • UI Volume - Audio volume for sounds like weapon selection clicks, RWR tones, IR lock/scan tones, etc.
  • Weapon Volume - Audio volume for guns, missiles, etc.

Physics Load Distance - no longer exists since BDA 0.2.1, it is required to install the seperate mod "PhysicsRangeExtender" Edit

Here, you can set the load distance for vessels. In stock KSP, the load distance for vessels varies depending on the vessel's situation. The stock unload distance for airborne vessels is 22.5km, but for landed vessels it is only ~300m, which is why you usually can't switch to a landed vehicle if you are flying a plane. The value set in this settings window will only override default values if the default is lower. There is an imposed limit of 10km for landed vessels, because at around this range, the terrain collider will not load, and vessels can fall through the surface of the planet (although this can be as close as ~5.5km, so there are still some risks to setting a higher physics load distance). I usually set this to 10km, though.

Dogfight Competition Edit

Set the distance and start a dogfight battle. More info on how to use this here.

Edit Inputs Edit

This takes you to the input settings page.