Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) window

The Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) registers if you're being detected or tracked by a radar and can be used to target radar systems with anti-radiation missiles, like the AGM-88 HARM. It can be activated via the Modules tab in the Weapon Manager UI.

Display Edit

The display represents a top-down view of the area around your vessel, with the top being forward.


A threat rich environment.

Symbols Edit

There are a few different symbols that describe the radar signal being detected.

  • S - Surface or SAM radar. It is usually a grounded radar that can scan and track targets, like the TWS Locking Radar.
  • D - Detection or early warning radar. This is usually a long range radar that can only detect, such as the Large Detection Radar.
  • F - Fighter. This is usually an airborne, fighter-style radar with a limited field of view, like the AN/APG-63.
  • A - AWACS - This is an airborne detection radar.
  • M - Missile - (Red) this shows a missile has been detected. A fast high pitched tone means a missile has just been launched, or a missile has engaged its active radar. A slower, lower pitched constant beeping means an active missile is tracking you.

Since BDAc 0.3.0 (Naval Combat Update) the radar & rwr displays are also used for sonar, thus adding new symbols to the RWR display:

  • So - Sonar detection ping.
  • T - Torpedo (similar to missile)