The Patriot Missile Launcher is an anti-air missile turret that can hold up to 16 PAC-3 Intercept missiles. To load the turret, right-click it and pick "Toggle Animation" to open the missile ports in the front. To fire a missile, first select the PAC-3 in the Weapon Manager menu.

While the Patriot is one of the largest turrets in terms of size, it only weighs 1.75 tons unloaded. By contrast, the Goalkeeper CIWS weighs 4 tons. However, due to the weight of the PAC-3 missile itself, the total weight of a fully loaded Patriot increases to 6.838 tons.

The turret has 360-degree yaw range and a maximum pitch of 65 degrees.

If the turret is not open, missiles can still be fired from it using action groups, although the opening animation will not happen. It is technically possible to mount other missiles than the PAC-3 in the turret, but this is not advised. The reason that missiles other than the PAC-3 should not be used is that they don't have an attachment node at the back of the missile.

Bahamuto Dynamics in Real Life Edit

In service since 1981, the Patriot has seen deployment in several wars and is currently used by many American allies.