The Oerkilon Millenium Cannon is an anti aircraft turret with full swivel range and a maximum pitch of 75 degrees, firing timed detonation explosive flak rounds. While it has a lower rate of fire than other anti-air guns, rounds from the Oerlikon will explode mid-air after traveling a pre-defined distance set in the weapon's setting pane.

It carries no internal ammunition, requiring a 30 mm ammo box elsewhere on the vehicle to work. Although in real life it is a 35 mm weapon, for now it uses the closest ammo type available, just like the 120 mm Abrams and 105 mm Howitzer.

It can fire approximately 25-30 rounds in continuous bursts before overheating and needing to cool down.

Use in the battlefield Edit

The Oerlikon Millennium Cannon (or Millennium Cannon for short) is a mid-range anti-aircraft defensive turret. It is similar to the Goalkeeper CIWS, but is more effective at longer range because of its more flak rounds. The bullets are shot to properly lead the target, but the flak rounds also explode when they are in approximate range of when they would hit the target. Larger planes incapable of outmaneuvering the Millennium Cannon will be hit by the projectiles and be damaged by lots of small explosions from the flak rounds. This will cause overheating to parts of the plane, such as the wings.