The Modular Missile Guidance unit is an experimental part which functions as a guidance computer for a large missile. It comes with SAS functionality and carries 10 units of electric charge.

It can be configured for flight using the same steering controls as the AI Pilot Flight Computer, ie. Steer Factor, Limiter and Damping. In addition, it comes with three different guidance types which the missile it is attached to uses to reach its target:



The settings pane for the MMG

This is the AAM guidance type. (Air-Air)

The missile guiadance predicts the position of target and flies in that directio.n


This is the AGM/STS guidance type. (Air to Ground/ Surface to Surface)

Todo: How does it work?


This is the Cruise guidance type. Using this allows you to set a cruise altitude for the missile. See also the Cruise Missile targeting tutorial. Todo: How does this mode work?