The M230 Chain Gun Turret is a single barreled automatic cannon barreled firing 30mm high explosive rounds. The cannon itself is mounted on a turret, allowing it to engage enemies in a 270 degree arc in front of it. The turret is also able to pitch from -17 to 50 degrees.

Unlike the Goalkeeper CIWS and Oerlikon Millennium Cannon, the explosive rounds from the M230 Chain Gun will simply explode on impact – not at a given range. This makes the weapon less useful as a flak battery, but is meanwhile by far the lightest and most compact 30mm weapon available.

How to use Edit

To use the M230 chain gun, all you need is the M230 chain gun and ammunition (30mm box of ammunition). Place them anywhere on the vehicle of your choice.

This is fairly simple, but another effective way to use the M230 chain gun is with a helicopter (using mods such as "KAX", "Firespitter" etc) that use propellers.

To use with a helicopter, place a Targeting Pod or Targeting Ball on the helicopter (preferably on the bottom) and launch the vehicle. While flying the helicopter, click on the "BD" button on the top right hand corner to open weapon manager. If the weapon manager menu doesn't appear, refer to here

if it does open, click "Modules" and then click the Targeting Pod or Targeting Ball. This should open another window, with a camera. Use the up, down, left, right buttons on the window (not on the keyboard) to pan the camera around while flying. Once you have picked a target to shoot, pan the camera around to aim at the target, and then lock onto the target. Once locked on, click "turrets", and then click anywhere to shoot. If done properly, the M230 turret will move with the Targeting Pod/Ball camera, so you can shoot extremely accurately.

Bahamuto Dynamics in Real Life Edit

After 14 years of development, the M230 entered service in 1986. It is most commonly used on gunships, and is also in development for ground vehicle use.