The M102 Howitzer is a radially mounted 105 mm cannon. As it is able to swivel it is classified as a turret; however, the swivel range is only 15 degrees in each direction. The cannon takes a few seconds to reload between each shot, and does not support ripple firing if multiple cannon are unable to fire in the same direction as each other.

A typical use for this weapon would be on the side of a large aircraft, such as the AC-130 gunship. Presumably, the 20 rounds included with this weapon are considered stored inside whatever craft it is mounted on – although the 7.4 tons of mass they add are centered around the firing piece of the cannon.

Although stated to fire 105 mm shells, it uses the same ammunition box as the 120 mm M1 Abrams Cannon for game purposes.

Bahamuto Dynamics in Real Life Edit

Entering service during the Vietnam War, the M102 Howitzer has seen service with several nations for over 40 years. It's lightweight and easy transport makes it a quick moving and effective weapon.

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