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Competition mode is a new feature in BDArmory v0.10.3 that allows you to quickly begin a dogfight that starts only

Four planes ready to begin competition mode.

when the two teams are a certain distance apart.

To use it, follow these instructions:

  1. Spawn each plane, activate their engines, and configure their guard modes and teams, but leave guard mode and the AI Pilot disabled.
  2. Open the Settings Window, choose the competition start distance under "Dogfight Competition", then click Start Competition.
  3. Watch and enjoy.

The battle has begun!

The planes will now take off, get into position, and once they have settled at the configured distance, they'll activate guard mode and engage each other.

Tip: Using BDA Vessel Switcher and Vessel Mover makes things easy.

Here's a video demonstration:


BDArmory Dev - Competition Mode and Vessel Switcher