How to fire missiles with ease Edit

To fire missiles, you need at least the following:

1. Kerbal Space Program (obviously)

2. BD Armoury mod

3. A flying vehicle (built in the Spaceplane Hangar or Vehicle Assembly Building, or use a pre-existing craft. Preferably an airplane).

Instructions Edit

Step 1. Build or load your aircraft into VAB/SPH.

Step 2. Place an "Adjustable Missile Rail" on the vehicle (preferably on the wings).

Step 3. Place a missile of your choice on the rail.

Step 4. Place a "Weapons Manager" module on your vehicle. It doesn't matter where.

Step 5. Go to the "action groups" tab on the top, middle part of the screen (it looks like a hammer and wrench cross).

Step 6. Once there, click on the weapons manager. The weapons manager will turn blue, and a bunch of options will appear on the action group bar on the right hand side.

Step 7. Once you do this, locate the "Next weapon" button near the bottom of the options in the action group bar (but don't click on it). It should have a thin orange bar below the button.

Step 8. Once you locate it, click the "Custom 01" button on the left hand side of the action groups bar ("Custom 01" corresponds with the "1" key on your keyboard. Same with "Custom 2" and so on). Then click the "Next weapon" button on the right hand side.

Step 9. This should move the "Next weapon" button to the left hand side of the action group bar. Once this happens, close the action groups bar.

Step 10. Launch the aircraft. Once launched, tap the "BD" button on the top right hand side.

Step 11. Click the "trigger is disarmed" button. It should go green and say "trigger is ARMED"

Step 12. Press the "1" key, and it should select the weapon you attached to the aircraft.

Step 13. Click and hold anywhere on the screen. This should launch the missile loaded on the rail.

Optional (Step 11 and 12):

Set action group (for example Custom 02) to "Fire Missile", so you don`t need to arm trigger, just activate action group.

Optional step:

If you want to fire missiles rapidly in quick succession, click the "Ripple" button, and drag the slider left or right, depending on how rapid you want the missiles fired (i.e. The further left, the slower the succession. The further right, the faster the succession).

Notes Edit

Each weapon has different special requirements for optimum efficiency. For instance, an AIM 120 AMRAAM missile requires a radar guidance, while an AGM 114 Hellfire missile requires a Targeting Pod/Ball. Each missile is different. The page on guidance types is called Targeting methods.