The Goalkeeper CIWS (close-in weapons system) is a 7-barreled 30mm rotary cannon turret with full swiwel range. The 30mm high explosive rounds will detonate at the distance selected in its settings pane. Note that unlike the Oerlikon Millennium Cannon, this weapon does not feature automatic fuse timing.

The maximum yaw range is 360 degrees, the max pitch is 85 degrees, and the maximum declination is -15 degrees.

The Goalkeeper CIWS system has a built-in detection and tracking radar, making it highly autonomous, and capable of engaging targets that move within its range automatically.

Use in the battlefield Edit

The goalkeeper looks pretty mean, and it can be pretty mean... at close range. Most planes can out-maneuver the goalkeeper at its longest ranges. However, the goalkeeper will keep even BD's super-maneuverable jets from getting too close. The goalkeeper is also fairly efficient at shooting missiles and bombs out of the sky. Free-falling projectiles (including anti-ground missiles past the thrusting stage) are likely to be shot down by the goalkeeper if targeting a reasonable distance from it, and projectiles launched directly at a craft with a goalkeeper are unlikely to impact before being shot down. The goalkeeper is a primarily close-range defensive turret.

Bahamuto Dynamics in Real Life Edit

The Goalkeeper was pioneered by the Dutch and introduced to service in 1979. Only a handful of nations use the weapon, all on naval vessels.