The Countermeasures added by BDArmory include the Flare Dispenser, the Chaff Dispenser and the Smoke Countermeasure Pod. All of them come loaded with a set number of charges, which will be expended to defeat different types of homing missiles.

To fire countermeasures manually, you have to bind them to action groups while building your vehicle in the SPH or VAB. The autopilot will fire countermeasures automatically when in combat.

Flare DispenserEdit

The Flare Dispenser fires glowing hot flares away from the vehicle carrying it, in order to divert incoming heat-seeking missiles. Unless your vehicle is using a terribly hot engine, there is a good chance of the missile breaking away to pursue one of the flares instead.

In some cases it may be advisable to kill the engines while using flares to increase chance of evasion.

Chaff DispenserEdit

The Chaff Dispenser discharges a cloud of chaff, consisting on thin strips of metal, which then absorb and reflect incoming radar signals in all directions. This can break an enemy radar lock on your vehicle, and may confuse and divert incoming radar guided missiles.

Smoke Countermeasure PodEdit

The Smoke Countermeasure Pod launches a small smoke canister. This detonates after a very short distance, creating a smokescreen which can occlude enemy targeting lasers, reducing the danger of laser-guided missiles.