A simple missile emplacement equipped with a Hydra-70 Rocket Turret

are a category of weapons added to KSP by BDArmory. Unlike missiles or bombs, most turrets are usually not added to aircraft, but rather to tanks or SAM batteries. Their main commonality is their ability to swivel while tracking targets; the swivel range of each be adjusted in the VAB/SPH.

Many turrets come equipped with their own built-in radar capabilities, while others require external input in order to engage targets. This can come from either dedicated radars on the same vehicle or by data-link from a different vehicle. Some turrets will simply fire at any enemies they see, without any guidance.

Finally, their weapon systems vary widely. Some turrets carry a fixed set of shots internally, like the Hydra-70 Rocket Turret. Others rely on ammunition boxes stored elsewhere on their vehicles, while missile turrets like the Jernas generally require you to mount their missiles when assembling the vehicle.

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