Jet equipped with AGM-65 and AGM-88 missiles, and an AN/AAQ-28 Targeting Pod for guidance.

Bombs and missiles are some of the additions BDArmory adds to your arsenal. Many are guided, and will use a particular targeting method in combination with parts like radars or targeting pods to reach their targets. Other, like mounted rocket pods and bombs, are usually unguided.

Many of the individually attached bombs and missiles you attach individually will have various settings you can adjust, depending on their type. These settings define the manner in which the weapons are deployed.


Drop TimeEdit

This slider setting is available for rocket-powered ordnance. It will allow you set a delay between the weapon being dropped and the rocket powering up. This is particularly useful if you carry missiles in an internal bay, since these will need some time to get clear of the aircraft before powering up.

Decouple SpeedEdit

If you need to forcefully distance the weapon from the vehicle when launching it, rather than wait for it to drop away, you can use this slider to increase the strength of the decoupling mechanism.



This button seems to affect which way the Munition is to be decoupled – forwards (towards the front of the munition, not craft) or laterally (directly perpendicular to the front of the munition).

In Cargo BayEdit

A simple "true" or "false" toggle, this button tells the game if the weapons are to be considered stowed inside the aircraft or not. Set accordingly.

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