The CBU-87 Cluster Bomb is a large unguided bomb. After dropping this weapon, it will fall freely until reaching the altitude defined in the weapon's settings pane, where it splits open to deploy a large number of small bomblets. These will then spread out across a wider area and explode on impact.

How to use Edit

The CBU-87 Cluster Bomb is obviously a bit different from normal bombs. With conventional bombs, it is best to drop them directly onto a target to completely annihilate it. The CBU does not need to be dropped directly onto a single target. The altitude at which the bomb deploys can be changed. This way, with some trial and error (or calculations), you can set the radius of impact, letting you blow up multiple enemy targets with just one bomb.

If you would like to hit more heavily armoured targets, the best thing to do is set the deploy altitude very low, so that the bomblets will have a higher scatter densdity and multiple of them will hit the target. For lightly armoured targets such as planes, the bomb should be set to a high deploy altirude, so that there is a higher chance of at least one bomb hitting the target.

Bahamuto Dynamics in Real Life Edit

Introduced in 1986, the CBU (Cluster Bomb Unit) has been widely used by NATO members in Operation Enduring Freedom and the Kosovo war.