Please note that BahamutoD is no longer supporting BDArmory or his other Mods.  The BDA Team has taken over support. Forum LInk is here .

To access it, click on the new "VS" bun the top right of the weapon manager window. The button only show up if it is installed. Since BDAc 0.3.0 the vesselswitcher functionality is integrated, no separate mod/download is required!

You can click on the names to instantly switch between them, or you can toggle their Guard modes, AI Pilots, or teams by clicking on G, P, or T respectively.

You can also use PageUp or PageDown to cycle between weapon manager equipped vessels, without switching through debris or ordnance. Note: The vessel switcher window must be open, but this still works if the game UI is hidden (F2).

This is useful for setting up battles or switching between vessels when there is a lot of unwanted debris.