The AN/APG-63 Radome is a forward facing, aerodynamically housed radar. It can scan and lock targets within a 120 degree field of view.

This nosecone model is available in both a short rounded and much longer pointed versions. An inline model of medium length, with identical specifications, is also available.

When tracking a target with the AN/APG-63 models, your craft will appear as an F on enemy Radar Warning Receivers.

Multiple Radomes (and other radars) can be used on the same craft at the same time. When one Radome is in use, the radar screen will show a perspective as if you were in the cockpit looking forwards. When more than one Radome is in use, it switches to a radar view from above your craft, where up is forward and down is backwards. You will see the Radomes scanning and their scanning limits on this view aswell.