The AN/ALQ-131 ECM Jammer is a part that allows their user to jam enemy radars, at the cost of using 5 units of electric charge per second.

How to use Edit

To be activated, one has to either right click the jammer itself, or click its name in the modules tab. The jammer works by making obtaining and keeping radar lock much harder than otherwise. Although it doesn't do much at short range (below 5 kilometers) its effects quickly become visible over 10 km. Above that distance, it becomes virtually impossible to keep radar lock on the jamming plane (the radar will quickly lock and unlock) and radar guided missiles won't home on the jamming aircraft. Although it may not seem as an impressive device at first, it can be very useful as the first line of defence. For example, when there is a formation of fighters and a bomber, then if the bomber is equipped with a jammer, a potential attacker will have to get close to shoot down the bomber, which will make the attacker vulnerable to defending fighters.