The AGM-88 HARM Missile is a anti-radar missile, meaning that it will home in on enemy radar. It weighs .355 tons and uses the Radar Warning Receiver to lock on to an enemy radar.

How to use Edit

The AGM-88 HARM Missile is a fire-and-forget missile, meaning it will home in on the target by itself, and you are free to turn the craft away after launching it. When an enemy radar emission is detected, you will have a moment (if the missile is selected and the Radar Warning Receiver is enabled) before the radar emitter is locked.

Fooling the missile Edit

To avoid your radar-equipped vehicle from being destroyed by it, you just have to shut down your radar and move outside of blast range (the missile will remember enemy radar location even after shutting it down, but then it won't track the radar's movement).

Bahamuto Dynamics in Real Life Edit

Developed by Texas Instruments, the HARM entered service in 1985 as an air-to-ground missile. Similar to other AGM's in use today, it has found good applications in the US military and other militaries around the world.