How to use Edit

The AGM-114 Hellfire Missile is an anti-ground missile. It requires a target to be "painted" (locked on with a FLIR laser targeting ball) to home in. If launched properly (launched pointing in the general direction of the target to pick up the laser) the missile should quickly accelerate towards the target. The laser must be maintained during the missile's flight. If the laser is moved, the missile will follow, or if the laser is shut off or unlocked from target, the missile will stop tracking and act as a dumb-fire missile.

Being a laser guided missile, ground units can use smoke screens to break laser readings. Ground units can use radar guided missiles to shoot down your Hellfire missile(s). And, finally, when firing at targets with defensive turrets such as the Goalkeeper CIWS, it may be best to launch two or more missiles at a target, a few seconds apart for each, to make it much harder for the turret to shoot down all three. Turrets can often shoot down at least one missile when it gets very close.

As a technical side note, this missile is the only missile in BDArmory with no cruise thrust, relying on boost thrust.

Bahamuto Dynamics in Real Life Edit

Invented in 1984, the Hellfire has seen consistent service as a air-to-ground missile. It is often used on helicopters, though has also found its way to unmanned drone use.